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5 Tips to Improve Your Cashflow - Guest Post

by James Cowlishaw from the Catalysis Group

Everyone is looking for new ways to become more efficient and ultimately improve their cashflow. Here are 5 tips you can easily implement in your business to improve your cashflow.

1.) Know your numbers

It is crucial you are across your numbers! If you're not a numbers person, ask for help from your bookkeeper or accountant. Get them to educate you numbers and explain your money in and money out.

2.) Establish clear communication and gain agreement early

Having clear communication with customers and suppliers on payment terms and contracts is crucial. It provides clarity and support if things go wrong. PandaDocs just announced a FREE e-sign doc solution today!

3.) Don't waste time

Conduct a review of your business processes and find out where you or your team are wasting time or getting bogged down with tasks that are preventing them from their core activity. We can help you find these efficiencies.

4.) Integrate your systems

Integromat is a powerful systems integrator that allows you to easily connect your systems. It can easily watch for forms/subscriptions and trigger actions to other systems you would usually manually complete.

5. Get the right payment provider 

Set up a FREE pinch payment account and start getting paid on time!

If you'd like to understand more about automating your business and getting back more time contact James at the Catalysis Group.

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