Our Mission

We are laser focused on helping environmentally-minded businesses

to access the support and funding they need to amplify their positive impact.


The world is facing ever-increasing environmental challenges - from climate change, to waste pollution, to biodiversity loss. We want to be part of the solution to these challenges so that future generations can thrive.

We believe that small businesses are uniquely positioned to use their innovation & passion to make the world a better place by combining profit and purpose. Helping businesses that are working towards this regenerative goal is what bounces us out of bed every morning.

Our Story

Hi, my name is Andrew Wilson, the founder of

Horizon Business Plans. The story of why I started the business has three parts.



Andrew Wilson

Founder, Horizon Business Plans

PART 1:  I've always loved the outdoors and being out in nature - hiking, camping, scouts, you name it, I just loved it. It's what led me to studying environmental biology at uni - learning super interesting things like tropical ecosystem ecology and marine conservation.

PART 2: The other part of my undergrad double degree was Commerce and when the time came to hunt for a job as a graduate, I landed at ANZ, where I spent  12 years in banking.


PART 3: Undertaking an MBA specialising in Social Impact in 2019, I discovered a whole new world of social enterprise, where both profit and purpose are blended to harness the power of business as a for good.

This opened my eyes to an opportunity... to combine my environmental background with my banking experience and help other businesses to do more good for the world.


Horizon Business Plans was created with the purpose of helping businesses that help the planet. Together we can create a positive impact.

We are a also Proud Specialist Consultant Member of



We'd love to hear yours.

Reach out below and let's start a conversation about what's on your horizon.

Our Impact

We walk the walk and operate as a social enterprise.


of our revenue
is donated to
local environmental causes


of our time
is donated to
local environmental groups