What's your story?


Writing a business plan is like writing a story. And in this story, your business is the hero that solves challenging problems for its customers.

We aim to capture your unique story. This helps to answer the key questions that your audience is asking:

  • Who is running the business?

  • Why are they running the business?

  • What does the business do?

  • How do they manage the business successfully?


If you can paint this picture, you're well on the way to writing a business plan that your audience will understand and believe.

What's our story?


Like so many others, our founder, Andrew Wilson uncovered his own story after a light bulb moment. While on a career break from a  long-term corporate existence at ANZ, he realised that his job was comfortable, but certainly not inspiring. So he decided to sit down and think about what he wanted to do with his life. This resulted in pages and pages of notes and far too many cups of coffee. But while thinking about the time of his career that he'd enjoyed the most, the light bulb moment arrived... "I just love working with small businesses!"

Having seen many businesses struggle to write their business plans over the years, Andrew decided to put his skills in finance, marketing, strategy and pricing to good use. One year later, Horizon Business Plans was launched, with the mission to help small businesses to write well researched and well structured business plans that are specifically tailored for their intended audience.

Andrew has 12 years banking experience at ANZ.  He has a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) & Science (Environmental Biology) from Monash University. He is also a Masters of Business Administration Candidate (Social Impact) at AGSM @ UNSW.

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